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Granulation Machine
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De Dusting and De Burring Machine

Comuniting Mill Machine

Silent Features :

  • The elegant and compact design
  • The G.M.P. model and vibro type
  • The maintenance free and noiseless unit.
  • Low electricity consumption
  • The contact parts are made of S.S. 304, so easily washed and/or sterilized. (S.S. 316 if required)
  • The route of the tablet conveying is geometrically designed, for de-burring.
  • Efficient de-burring and de-dusting
  • Full suction of excess powder.
  • The additional brushing unit is given.
  • ┬áMachine is provided with the castor wheels for easy mobility.

Technical Specification :

Out-put (for 8 MM tablet) Left To Right.
Power 5,000 to 2,50,000 tab / hr.
Max. Tab. Dia 25 mm
Min. Tab. Dia 5 mm
Overall Dimensions 400 mm (I) 400 mm (W) X 800 mm (h)